What does nearly new mean?

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What defines a Thame Cars nearly new car?

We understand that buying a car is an important financial decision, which is why we only provide cars that reach our impeccable standards. A perfect car in our eyes should be meticulously checked – 100 point checked to be exact, as well as being serviced, valeted and cosmetically prepared before it enters the forecourt. They are traditionally under 2 years old with less than 25,000 miles on the clock and all of our cars are ready to drive away the same day!

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What are the advantages of buying a nearly new car?

There are numerous advantages to buying nearly new, it’s similar to a brand new car but better value, plus it has been tried and tested! You’ll get the benefit of up to 2 years’ manufacturers support just like you would with a new car without the first years depreciation that comes with a new car. To put it in perspective the average new car has a list price of around £28,500. However, by the time it's one year old with 10,000 miles on the clock it costs just £21,000 that’s a reduction of more than 27% in the first 12 months. This means you’re saving £7,500 by buying the car nearly new instead of brand new, in the second-year depreciation slows significantly by roughly half to only lose £3,750 in value. (MoneySavingExpert.com)

So picking a year-old model will dramatically slash the upfront cost, saving you enough for a family holiday.


Things to consider before choosing your next car

When looking for your nearly new car ask yourself, is this car appropriate for your situation? Are you planning to have a family, will this car suit the needs of your family over the next few years? If you suspect you might change your commute because you are changing jobs or even moving house you might need to consider the efficiency, running costs, size or even comfort of the car for especially long commutes.

There is certainly a case to be made that nearly new cars suit the needs of people who are in the market for a car that is stylish and comes equipped with all the modern facilities that come with a new car. Go with a budget in mind - Read up on the potential cars that will suit your needs, so you have your checklist when looking for the right car. People often want their car to look and feel good, just because the car is two years old doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the style and that ‘new car’ feel or pay more than you expected!


Do your homework

We can’t speak for other dealerships but when you buy a nearly new car from us get the peace of mind that you will be purchasing a quality car that comes with the assurance of a trusted dealership. Additionally, this reassurance can be obtained by reading reviews, researching not only the car but the dealership as well. Trust pilot provides trusted and valuable insights into other customer’s experiences when purchasing their cars – giving you piece of mind that you’re making the right decision.

By the time you come to purchase the car, that particular model will have been on the market from up to two years. Within the first year of the cars new release, all potential recalls and teething problems will have been ironed out, as well as owners publishing their opinions. Don’t forget to always check that you are paying the right price for a nearly new car – shop around and make sure you’re being offered the best value for the product and service being offered to you.

The car will have been reviewed by owners and industry experts, which should help to gage whether the car is right for you and help you to make an informed decision by sifting through reviews before you commit to buying.

Finally, one of the key aspects of buying a ‘nearly new car’ is that you can tangibly see the car you want with one of our specialists and this in turn provides the benefit knowing exactly what you’re getting and what it looks like. Additionally, you will be able to drive the car when you want to, rather than waiting 6 weeks or several months for it to be built and delivered. Combined with all the other benefits we’ve discussed nearly new cars seem to be a smart decision for someone who wants to have a car that suits all their needs and save their rainy day funds.

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