Welcome back to Routine

Posted by Thame Cars on Sep 5, 2018 5:19:42 PM


Welcome back to routine

The long hot summer of ’18 has ended and the kids have finally gone back to school.

In a flurry of new uniforms, shoes, water bottles and pencil cases they’re off for another year of education, and routine has returned to the Allen household like a long lost friend.

I was thinking about this as I was driving into work this morning.

Although every day at Thame Cars presents fresh, exciting challenges and opportunities to help more local motorists save money and stay safely on the road, there’s a rhythm and routine to it that I really enjoy.

I’ve been here at Thame Cars for over 20 years, and as you can imagine I’m more than a little familiar with every aspect of our business.

So much so that I sometimes forget that you, dear reader, aren’t necessarily quite so up to date with the latest ins and outs of what we do here, in our constantly evolving and growing business.

After all we’re here, living it and breathing it every day, but you may only visit us two or three times a year (though we make a point of not setting an upper limit ;) )

I know that some of our customers are still surprised when we tell them that we also sell tyres, or hire vans and cars, or have a full valet service.

But we do all that, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the services we offer here at Thame Cars:

Every time we have added or changed a service over the years it has been in response to you, the savvy motorists whose high expectations we delight in striving to meet.

If routine has returned to your household this month, take this opportunity to book your car in with us for a free 57 point vehicle health check.

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