Traffic: What to expect as restrictions are eased

Posted by Thame Cars on Jun 19, 2020 11:48:37 AM

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If you’ve been out of your house this week you can’t fail to have noticed the increased traffic on the roads. I was almost nostalgic on the way to work this morning thinking about ‘the good old days’ where you’d barely see a soul about, and although there was nowhere to go it never took very long to get there.

Nostalgia aside, I’m pleased to see the wheels of commerce grinding back into gear. It’s been a joy to see our team once again serving and servicing our wonderful customers, and as more places of work reopen we’re going to continue to see an increased number of cars on the roads.

With the recommendations to minimise use of public transport, it’s likely we’re going to see an increased volume of cars and bicycles compared with before the lockdown.

The Oxford Mail reported recently that traffic levels have already surged to 70% of what they were pre-lockdown. Cycling in England is also at 171% of the levels of early March, which is likely to be linked to the increase in people taking it up as a form of exercise during lockdown.

Given that many people are still working from home, furloughed or have children off school, these are impressively high numbers. They also have a number of implications for us as motorists, and I’d like to take a moment to tackle them.

We’ve been talking for a while now about how to coax your car safely out of furlough. The longer your vehicle has been sat idle, the more chance there is of brakes seizing, fluids settling and batteries draining.

Read more about simple checks before you take your car out for the first time in a while >

If you have been doing a bit of driving during lockdown, you may have got used to the different driving conditions. For a while there, seeing another vehicle was an occasion worthy of remark. Your safety-conscious brain may taken its defences down a couple of gears, but now we’re back to full on alert mode make sure your brain gets back up to speed.

Give yourself more time for your journeys. Not just compared to lockdown conditions, but before the world ground to a halt. It’ll take a few days or even weeks for things to settle down into a new rhythm, so give yourself extra time that means you don’t have to rush or feel stressed because of the extra congestion.

Thame Cars have now fully reopened for Car Sales, Servicing, MOT, Repair, Tyre and Hire. We have procedures in place to minimise contact and maximise safety of both our customers and team.

If you currently have any motoring requirements you can simply enquire online today or contact us on 01844 390 560 and we would be happy to help!

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