The Vauxhall Family Car Comparison

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Everybody knows Vauxhall, whether they're the older generations who remember the Victor and the Chevette, or the younger buyer who chooses a Corsa to make their first foray into the world of motoring. With a history going back to 1857, Vauxhall is one of Britain's most iconic brands, now part of the General Motors group. Its popularity means that you won't have to look far to find a family with one parked on the drive.

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What makes them so successful is their value for money, their practicality for families and their massive network of dealers. Here's why a Vauxhall makes a great family car.

Which Family Car Is Best For Me?

Vauxhall's two main family models are the Astra and the Insignia. The Astra is the benchmark medium sized car, and its bigger brother takes the form of the large family sized Insignia. Each of them is available as a hatchback or an estate, comes with a versatile range of engines and trim levels to suit your needs, and is packed with features that make it a great family buy. Essentially, you can't go far wrong with either of them - The Astra was voted best family car by Carbuyer, and the Insignia won the accolade of second best family car in Auto Express.

The Outside

You can clearly see the difference in size, the Insignia's longer wheelbase make’s it considerably larger than the compact Astra. On our forecourt, you'll find the Astra Design or SRi. The Design comes with 16" alloy wheels and daytime running lights to make it look fresh and modern. These are upgraded to 17" wheels on the SRi, giving it a sportier look but a slightly firmer ride in return. On the Insignia, we stock the luxurious Elite model or the sporty SRi model. The SRi gives you 17" wheels and tinted rear windows, and the Elite upgrades to 18" wheels.

What's on the Inside

Looking again at boot space, the Astra provides a generous 370 litres of space with the back seats up, enough space for 3-4 medium size suitcases. Giving you plenty of space for the family's weekly shop, or the luggage for a family holiday. This space increases to 530 litres in the Insignia hatchback, making it suitable for larger families or 4 large suitcases. Both models also come in an estate body style which provides even better boot space. With a longer and wider wheelbase than the more compact Astra, the Insignia provides more interior space, which is useful if you travel a lot of miles or to carry your growing teens. Equally, the Astra's smaller but still practical interior has plenty of room for comfortable journeys.

A Smooth Drive

Both the Insignia and Astra have a range of decent petrol and Diesel engines to help them keep up with their rivals while returning reasonable fuel economy. Its smaller body style and short overhangs makes the Astra slightly easier to manoeuvre and park than the Insignia, but the Insignia Elite comes with front and rear parking sensors to help make parking that bit simpler. SRi models come fitted with some nice little sporty touches such as sports seats, and if you plump for the Insignia Elite, you can spoil yourself with luxurious touches such as dual zone climate control and adaptive headlights.

This is just a little taster of these two ever-popular Vauxhalls. For larger families or lots of luggage the Insignia is your best bet, but for everyday practicality you can't go wrong with an Astra. We have a good selection of both models here at Thame Cars, all under three years old with less than 35000 miles, and prepared to perfection. If you find yourself trying to decide between them, bring the family along and have a look at both.

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