The Top 5 Challenges of running a company car

Posted by Thame Cars on May 15, 2019 9:30:00 AM


If you run a business or manage a company fleet of cars or vans, you will already know how essential they are to the smooth running of your business. Any hiccups with your fleet could have bigger consequences for your company and affect the service you provide to your customers. What are the main problems you face, and how might Thame Cars be able to help with this?

Let's look at the top 5 -


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Company Car Downtime

Every minute your vehicle is off the road it’s a waste of an essential resource, and it costs you money. If your drivers can't drive, then business isn't getting done, and the downtime will cost your company dearly. This counts for both scheduled maintenance and unexpected mishaps such as breakdowns or tyre punctures. At Thame Cars, we save the first slot in the workshop each day for our fleet and company car customers, ensuring you get your vehicle back as quickly as possible. We can also pick up and drop off your vehicle free of charge within a 10-mile radius of the dealership, meaning that your drivers can get on with other duties while they wait for the vehicle to come back. Or if you need to stay on the road, we offer an exclusive 50% off car or van hire, with a number of different vehicles available to suit your requirements. 


Unexpected costs

It is one thing budgeting for routine servicing and maintenance, but another entirely when unexpected damage or breakdowns occur. These can stretch your company finances at the most inconvenient times, and cause pressures in other areas. We understand this, and we offer reduced parts and labour to our business customers, as well as the opportunity to take out annual service plans for your vehicles. This will help your company budget for routine servicing and maintenance costs, while providing you with some breathing space and some available funds for those inevitable unexpected costs that arise. 


Running a fleet, or even just one car or van, can impact on your company cashflow. There are implications for tax, costs such as fuel and insurance, as well as buying and selling vehicles as necessary, which are upfront costs. Careful financial planning and making sure that you replace vehicles at the right time, and allocate funds to running costs and maintenance, are all important steps to take. You should consider whether you want to buy and own the vehicles as your own asset or hire them on a lease or contract hire basis so you can exchange them at regular intervals. As well as our servicing plans, we offer a range of bespoke finance schemes applicable to business buyers, to help provide you with affordable options for running the best possible fleet.

Increased Liabilities

Running company vehicles brings with it a range of liabilities, both financial and legal. You need fleet insurance that adequately covers all the potential public liabilities and third-party risks. You also need to consider the tax implications of providing vehicles for your employees to use and decide whether to give them the vehicles only for business use, or for personal use as well. If they get the car for personal use, you then have a further decision to make about whether to give them a fuel benefit, which has further tax implications for both you and the employee.

Employee Responsibilities

Bear in mind that when your employees are driving your vehicles, they represent your business and form part of your image. This is especially relevant if you have liveried vehicles which are easily identifiable as part of your fleet. Any driving misdemeanours on the part of your drivers will reflect badly on your company image and potentially cause you a headache. If your drivers are only able to use the vehicle for business use, then they need to adequately log the business mileage so you can demonstrate to the tax authorities that no benefit in kind tax is payable. While you are legally responsible for insurance as the vehicle owner, your driver is responsible for roadworthiness on a daily basis, such as the legality of lights and tyres. Part of your role as company owner and fleet owner is to help your employees manage their own responsibilities. Here at Thame Cars we are happy to discuss including consumables such as lights and tyres in our service packages, so you can rest assured that your drivers can pop in for any work required as they need it, rather than feeling that they need to drive the car with illegal or even dangerous defects. 

At Thame Cars we have a range of options to help your business handle the day to day running of your fleet, whether this is through financing options, service plans or offering you appointments for work while you wait. If you'd like to learn more about our services for business and fleet customers, just get in touch 0184393455.

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