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    The Hybrid Has Arrived

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jun 12, 2017 12:55:00 PM


    ‘If we’d asked our customers what they wanted, they’d have told us faster horses’.

    This is my favourite Henry Ford quote soon after the launch of the Model T. The motor car represented the single biggest leap in personal transportation in the history of going places.

    For the next 90 years cars got faster, more efficient and more reliable but at the core was the good old internal combustion engine.

    Then in the 90s things began to change, as Toyota’s pioneering Prius gathered a cabinet full of awards and critical acclaim.

    Over the last couple of decades huge strides have been made towards engines that match the power of their petrol & diesel counterparts, but with dramatically lower emissions.

    Electric cars and hybrids are becoming more common on the roads and now at Thame Cars we’re pleased to announce that we have our very first eco car!

    The top of the range Toyota C-HR Hybrid landing on 1st February 2017 in our hire department and is already proving a hit.

    Coming in at about the size of a BMW X3 it’s the perfect car for business trips or longer journeys where thirstier engines will leave a dent in your wallet.

    We’re quite excited about having the car on our fleet and if you want to hire it for a day or more drop Nick or Tim a line on 01844 215566.

    Happy driving.

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