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    The 3 Things Game, Bank holiday travel Allen family favourite

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:06:53 PM


    For many of us the Bank Holiday travel equals multiple hours sat in a car fielding the ‘are we nearly there yet’ question from small passengers.

    Portable DVD players and iPads have made things easier to plan ‘in car entertainment’, but there’s only so much screen sucking that even a kid can take.

    Which is when the inevitable happens, and when they realise that we’re not in fact anywhere close to being ‘nearly there’, the questions turn to ‘can we play eye spy?’


    Seriously, we can do better than eye flippin’ spy (though this is still a step up from the Frozen soundtrack on repeat).

    I want to share with you one of the Allen family's firm favourites that not only reduces the amount of physical violence in the back seats, but is actually quite entertaining for the grown ups as well.

    It’s called the ‘3 Things’ game, and is brilliant if you have children of varying ages because you can adapt it for each.

    You choose a child to direct the question at and ask them for 3 things that…..

    …are round

    …you can sit on

    …grow in the ground

    …you can wear to keep warm

    …make Thame Cars the best place to buy a nearly new perfect car

    (just kidding about that last one - that would be far too easy ;)

    You get the idea, the list is endless and they LOVE IT!

    Educational, fun, easy, age appropriate… give it a go if you’re stuck in a hot car this weekend.

    Whatever you’re up to this Bank Holiday weekend, have fun.

    Happy driving

    Nick Allen

    Topics: Insider, Holiday travel, Bank holiday weekend


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