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    Summer Road Trip Disaster

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 3:48:19 PM


    There is an old saying: ‘You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’.

    With summer now here the topic of conversation with fellow dads has become plans for the summer with the kids. Last Saturday we all reunited for a game of golf and some beers, one of the guys said he couldn’t stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong on his upcoming weekend away with his wife and three girls.

    Now usually he’s the optimistic one and never worries about anything. So when he said ‘you have no idea what happened last summer’ we all knew we were in for quite a story (We took that as our cue for another round of beers).

    We were all wondering what happened to him so terrible that sucked the summer holiday spirit out of him.

    He started by expressing the guilt that overcame him that weekend last summer, saying it was down to his sheer laziness of not checking the little things that were crucial before heading off, fully aware that he would be travelling three hours to Skegness and three hours back with his family.

    From his voice I think we could all take it was a sensitive topic.

    So he went on to talk about how the first hour of the journey went so smoothly, and incredibly quick with his wife and girls singing away to High School Musical soundtrack (We all know that he loves to sing-a-long too).

    They got caught in expected traffic on A45, but were still hopeful to arrive in Skegness nice and early to enjoy the beautiful sunshine predicted on that Friday, as the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend wasn’t looking as cheery for them, but with being custom to the British weather they would still have an entertaining long weekend away.

    As they sat in traffic he noticed the temperature gauge creeping into the danger zone so his initial reaction was to pull over and let the car cool and then continue on with the journey.

    They sat and waited 25 minutes, 25 minutes with his girls questioning why they had to stop? Why couldn’t the car take a break when they got to Skeggy? How much longer do they have to wait? I imagine the list of questions was probably endless.


    After 25 minutes long minutes they finally got back on the road, and he said that even the traffic was kind and it was a clear stretch for almost 10 miles until their disaster strikes.

    Their car looked more like a steam ship going down the road, without a doubt he knew it was an overheating engine and he was in for an expensive repair. Can’t even begin to imagine what an absolute bummer that must have been.

    If you’ve ever had a car break down on the way to a family holiday, I’m sure you will know the exact feeling he must have had. It sounds like it’s beyond frustrating having an expensive repair on your hands, steam coming out of your ears and your car, sounds like a head exploding moment. (Must say I’m quite fortunate it’s never happened to me, and I hope I can maintain that track record!).

    After hearing his story, I came back to work on the Monday and had a chat with the service team, and they came up with a points list to check to make sure that you don’t have to deal with that infuriating situation on your summer holiday.

    You may find this list useful to work through a look at yourself before setting off on any long journeys, or for under 20 quid bring it in and our team of experts will do it all for you.

    They’ll even throw in a wash and vacuum to help get your car road-trip ready.

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