Style: Interior and Exterior, they matter

Posted by Thame Cars on Feb 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

It's no secret that the factor at the top of nearly everyone's list when choosing their new car is how it looks. Realistically, who wants a car that makes their heart sink every time they look at it outside on your driveway? Aesthetics are so important, choosing the right colour and the right wheels, can really make the difference to how much you enjoy being in your car. Car manufacturers know that we buy based on style, which is why some brands facelift their cars every couple of years, or introduce special editions, new colours or different alloy wheel options, to keep tempting us into the newest version. The new model looks just that bit sharper than the last, which is why you want it, and why you want the neighbours to see it on your drive.

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Behind The Wheel

Have a look around the car and ask yourself if it has enough room for all the passengers you need to transport.

Is the boot big enough? Can you fit a buggy in, or accommodate your hobbies such as bicycles? Don't be afraid to bring extra people or the buggy to make sure they fit. Also, have a play with all the controls to make sure everything is within easy reach and simple to operate. Set the seat and all the mirrors exactly how you'd want them, to check that it's comfortable for you. If you're going to drive a lot of miles, an uncomfortable seat could become a big problem. Make sure it has all the equipment you'd want it to have - don't be tempted to buy it if it's missing something important.

Driver Appeal

Improvements in chassis technology means that your average family car is more engaging to drive, and developments in engine technology could see you driving a car with a smaller engine, but with more power and torque than its predecessor. Many of us use our cars mostly for commuting to and from work but of course the driving experience is an important part of car ownership. So even if it's at the bottom of your wish list below safety and reliability it’s certainly something to keep in mind!

There is lots to think about when choosing the right family car for you, from equipment or reliability, to selecting the right dealer to buy from. It's essential to consider the important things, which will make sure you get the right car to suit your needs. It's also important to allow yourself to enjoy the buying process a little too! Enjoy exploring the market, driving different cars and picking the perfect one, to make sure that not only will it serve your needs for the whole time you own it, but you'll feel that little bit of excitement every time you get in it for a spin. Do pop in and see us if we can help you on your buying journey. Happy hunting!

Before you start looking it's essential to make a list of things you want from your next car, and things you need. It's also important to understand the difference between each vehicle and allow yourself to understand the individual characteristics.

Examples of preference could be a particular brand or trim level, upgraded alloy wheels or a specific colour, whereas requirements are the practicalities such as boot space, number of seats, fuel economy or reliability.

If you're trying to justify upgrading your car in your own mind, it will often be the needs that help you make the decision to go for it, and the wants will just make the prospect slightly more attractive! Even if you who only use the car for school runs need to enjoy the ownership experience.

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