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Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:12:29 PM

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This week is Global Road Safety Week, which is a campaign designed to save lives by encouraging drivers to slow down.

Recently we’ve seen some steep increases in the penalties for speeding, and also using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel.

But is it enough to make a difference?

I think we’re always going to see those idiots who attempt to overtake 5 cars at 90mph on a narrow road, but on the whole I’m getting the sense around the roads of Thame that drivers are taking more care.

I have to confess that I do find it frustrating when the roads are wide and open but the limit is 40.

The temptation to sneak it up to 50 is attractive, so I always make sure I stick on the cruise control and remind myself that it’s literally only a couple of extra minutes (or even seconds!) that I’ll be slowed down by.

The Road Safety Week campaign is also reminding us of stopping distances, and how they increase significantly with only a small increase in speed.

It’s the kind of thing we pour over when we’re swotting up to pass our test, but how many of us can remember the numbers?

I certainly couldn’t, so I found this little infographic to be a useful reminder.


Ultimately, we all know that speed limits are there for safety, not just to inconvenience or irritate us.

And with this in mind, I’m happy to have taken the ‘social media pledge’ by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #slowdown.

Happy driving

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