New speeding fine charges : From April 24th 2017

Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:10:40 PM


As I drove into work this morning I thought about the new speeding fines structure that came into force today.

Things have become much more severe for speeding offences, with the level of fine & points directly linked to the potential damage that could be caused.

Under the new system, fines have been set as a percentage of weekly income with a maximum of £1000 (£2500 for motorway offences).

If you’re caught driving at 41mph in a 30 zone for example, you’re likely to be fined up to 125% of your weekly income, have 4-6 points added to your license and could even be disqualified for up to 28 days.

That’s a much bigger hit than the old system.

But will it be enough to incentive serial speeders to drive within the limits?

Only time will tell.

What has been most interesting though has been the number of people I’ve spoken to recently who had no idea things were about to change!

Which is why I thought I’d do my bit to share important and relevant information with the driving public of Thame :)

Happy driving.

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