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    Making a change by doing things differently

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jun 12, 2017 1:02:00 PM


    A recent What Car? Poll placed almost 75% of car dealerships in the 70-80% range for customer service. Only 7 of the 27 surveyed came in at 80% or over, with the top dealership (Jaguar) hitting 86%.

    At Thame Cars we’ve been doing things a little differently to the norm; and we’re pleased to say that our own independent customer service scores are at the luxury end of the scale, matching Jaguar's 86%.

    We’ve been thinking a lot about how we do things differently and why, and it comes down to what’s at the heart of our business.

    Although car sales, service, tyre & hire is WHAT we do, we believe that we’re really in the people business.

    If we summed up in one word what we’re all about it's CARE, and if you would indulge us with another, it’d be SURETY.

    We’re not the same as everyone else; we like being different.

    We think about other people – what makes things simpler & easier for them?

    Our actions are all about taking care of our customers’ needs and worries, with positive outcomes delivered daily.

    To us, surety means being transparent; explaining to people what happens but then making sure it absolutely becomes a reality.

    Our customers’ experience with us is simple and on time; in professional, purposeful and comfortable surroundings.

    A fresh environment, fresh people that are purposeful in their work and selected because they do this with a smile, have the energy and because they care.

    Our products are thorough (no half doing the job). We don't do cars with one key or a service without a Vehicle Health Check.

    We think about people going about their day and shape our products to be convenient. Our mission is to look after people so they can get on with the other important things in their lives.

    We want to be in the background of their thoughts but instantly right at the front when the need arises.

    Care & surety are front and centre of how we do things here at Thame Cars.

    We are very proud of our Trust Pilot customer satisfaction scores, but our ambition is to continue improving, evolving and providing an even better level of care.


    Yes its true, come and try for yourself.


    Happy Driving,

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