Keeping your Business Vans on the Road

Posted by Thame Cars on Apr 24, 2019 12:03:00 PM


Any of us who own vans or drive them for a living know how hard they work for us, and how essential they are to the smooth running of our business. Having your business van off the road is a bit like losing a limb, so it's important to plan ahead and keep them on the road as much as possible. Not only this, but your time as a business owner, driver or fleet manager is also valuable. 


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At Thame Cars we have a range of bespoke services available to van owners and business van customers, to lighten the load and keep your vans on the road. We understand how important it is that your van is on the road earning its money for as much time as possible, because it's no use to you while it's off the road. That's why we've worked hard to tailor our services to suit our fleet and business customers, as well as our private customers. Let's look at some of our services in more detail. 

Free Business Van Collection/Delivery

When you come to Thame Cars for servicing and maintenance, there's no need to talk someone into picking you up and dropping you off, because we'll do it free of charge! Within a 10-mile radius of our dealership, we'll either pick your business van up from you at an agreed time and drop it off when it's ready, or drop you off at home or work and pick you up again later. That's much better than hanging around at the dealership when you've got other stuff to do!

Front of the Queue

We reserve the first space in the workshop for our commercial and business customers, so that you know your van will be ready to go as quickly as possible, without having to spend all day without it. This means that you could potentially wait at the dealership for it to be ready, or at least plan the rest of your day knowing that it will be back with you as soon as we can get all the work done. It's always nice to be at the top of the workshop list, especially when every minute counts! 

Never without Transport

If your van is so essential that you can't be without it for even a moment, we offer an exclusive 50% discount on car or van rental with our in-house van rental company. With a choice of cars and vans available to suit your requirements, we can keep you on the road at all times and ensure you have no worries about any unexpected delay in getting your van back. While we're looking after your van for you, you can hire one of ours at a substantially discounted rate and carry on with your day. 

Plan ahead with a Thame Cars Service Plan

Here at Thame Cars we work hard to make our servicing as good value and as affordable as possible. We also know that as business owners or fleet managers, keeping an efficient cashflow and budgeting for vehicle maintenance is essential. That's why we offer our service plans for commercial vehicles as well as private cars. All you need to do is make a single monthly payment for each vehicle based on how often it will need servicing, and once it's time for a service you'll find that the bill has already been paid. No big bills at inconvenient times, and no surprises.

Get in touch with our service team if you'd like a tailored quote for your vehicles or visit our business vehicle support page.

Combine Service Visits

As long as there's not a safety issue involved, there's no harm in planning ahead to get scheduled and additional maintenance done at the same time. So rather than making repeated visits for extra routine work such as a brake fluid change or an air conditioning service, why not get everything done in one visit? We can help you plan to get everything dealt with at once, and avoid your van having to keep coming off the road for maintenance and servicing. Of course, this doesn't apply to things like tyres, lights or brakes, which could make your vehicle dangerous if left unaddressed. If you need safety related work doing, feel free to get in touch with our Service team and we'll help you plan to get it done as conveniently as possible. 

There's no reason that commercial or business customers should be second class, and sometimes it's critical for your business that you and your vans are on the road as much as possible. We hope that our services help make your life a bit easier. If you'd like to learn any more or discuss our services, have a browse on our website or give our service team a call on 01844 390560.

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