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    Finale Car Clean Challenge

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:09:37 PM


    ‘Wow, what a nice shiny car you have!’

    It never gets boring listening to neighbours compliment you on your high car care standards.

    Little do they know that your sparkling alloys is the handiwork your underage minions.

    Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

    For the last 4 weeks we’ve been furnishing you with the details of a cunning plan to keep the kids entertained, loaded up with fun tokens, whilst you get to put your feet up and reap the rewards.

    Ok so I’m sure that it hasn’t quite worked out like that, but if you do have kids in your household I hope that the concept of cash for cleaning has at least been wafted under their noses.

    Here we go one last time, bringing the series to a close with the final video.



    If you’ve had any luck tempting your teens out of their bedrooms with these ideas or it’s sparked other ideas for financially incentivised work-a-tainment, we’d love to hear about it.

    But if your powers of persuasion have come up short, or don’t have an army of infants queueing up to work for less than the living wage, then drop in and see us.

    Our team of professionals may cost you a little more than a trip to Wally’s, but the results will always be spectacular.

    Happy driving.

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