Car Valuation: What affects my car's value?

Posted by Thame Cars on May 2, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Car Valuation

It's quite natural for your car to get bumps and bruises as it makes its way through life. We ask a lot of our cars, and the environment we live in can take its toll on bodywork and mechanical components. We all want our car to be worth its maximum value and when it's time to trade it in for another, there are some easy ways to increase your car's value. Here are some tips on how to get the best price for your car when it's time to sell.


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It goes without saying that major bodywork damage is going to put many buyers off, and those who are willing to take the risk will want a massive discount to allow for repairs. Even minor bodywork issues such as bonnet chips, surface scratches or car park ding dents can take the shine off your car's saleability. Minor damage can be easily taken care of by most bodyshops, and you can even call out repair companies to your house, to lift out dents or polish out scratches. 

Alloy Wheels

Scuffed, pitted or corroding alloy wheels are a sign that you've either found too many kerbs on your travels, or haven't looked after your wheels properly. It's relatively cheap and easy to have alloys repaired and resprayed. Decent bodyshops, and even mobile technicians, can take care of these for you, and it isn't too expensive.


Chipped or cracked windscreens are not only a safety issue, but they can be expensive to repair. Did you know that you could have your windscreen repaired free, or replaced cheaply? Most insurance companies offer windscreen repairs or replacements, and the most you'll pay is the agreed windscreen excess. In most cases it doesn't even affect your no claims bonus. So a windscreen that would cost a dealer or a buyer hundreds of pounds to replace could cost you less than £100, avoiding loss in your car valuation. Check with your insurance company for more details.


If your car is due a service or MOT soon, a potential buyer is going to wonder why you haven't done it, and what troubles might be hiding under the surface. A fresh MOT and service will maximise your car's desirability and value when it comes to sale time, because the buyer knows they should get a year's hassle free motoring out of the deal. Keeping a full service history, with a stamped book and a pile of receipts, will reassure them that your car has been well maintained.


If you try and sell your car with worn tyres, a potential buyer is going to want a substantial discount off the asking price. You may find your car valuation will be more if you put some new tyres on it.


This one sounds so obvious, but you'd be amazed at the number of people who try to sell a car without cleaning it properly. A buyer wants to see a gleaming, well-kept car, not a dirty car full of old crisp packets and drinks cans. Treat it to a good valet and its value will shine through. This includes if you're part-exchanging at a dealership - the dealer will usually be willing to offer more money for a well-kept, tidy car, than an unloved dirty one. We offer a full valeting service here at Thame Cars, so feel free to pop in or get a quote for your vehicle here.

The name of the game is to present a car to your potential buyer that they can get in and drive away without having to do any work to it. Spending a bit of money doing any minor repairs and giving it a thorough clean will not only make it more attractive to a prospective buyer or dealer, but it will also increase its value. Our Sales team at Thame are experts at car valuation, so if you need any advice on some simple things to do to maximise your car's value, feel free to call in and see us.

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