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    Car essentials this winter

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:04:31 PM


    Last week we talked about getting your car prepared for Winter and touched on some of the things you should consider packing into an emergency kit.

    You hope that you’d never actually need to use this, but having it in the car really does give you peace of mind when you’re travelling in the Winter.

    So this week I’m going to reiterate 5 of the most essential items you should pack into a corner of your boot.

    1) Blankets

    We’ve all got old blankets lying around the house or loft that never get used. Grab a couple up and stick them in a bag to pop in your boot next time you go out to the car.

    2) Warm clothes

    Warm jumpers, gloves and hats are really useful to have if you ever get stuck in your car.

    3) Food and water

    Unless you’re planning on getting stranded in your car next week, you probably don’t want any kind of food that’s going to go out of date in the next couple of months.

    Dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars and of course Kendal mint cake (!) are great for stashing away for an emergency.

    4) Portable phone charger

    These are a great idea for keeping in the car anyway, just in case your car battery dies and you’re down to your last few percent on your phone.

    They’re dirt cheap now as well - this Anker charger is a good one for under 11 quid or pop into Robert Dyas in Thame and check out their range.

    5) First aid kit

    Good to have any time of year, not just in the Winter. Basic supplies like plasters, bandages, scissors, foil blankets & safety gloves.

    You can put your own together or grab a ready made pack like this one

    It’s easy peasy and not very expensive to get your car emergency-ready, and once you’ve done it you can forget all about it.

    Better to be safe than sorry!

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