Brand New Vs Nearly New

Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:05:30 PM


On September 1 the new ’67’ plates comes out which makes this an interesting time to buy a new car.

For those who like their cars brand new with no more than delivery miles on the clock, there are usually savings to be made by buying the ’17’ plate new cars just before the plates change.

Dealers are often happy to do deals to clear the way for the new stock.

But for the really savvy new car buyer, nearly new is the way ahead.

Year-or-two-old cars are in many cases cheaper than they were a few years ago thanks to a sweet spot of economic forces that have driven prices down recently.

Which makes the savings between BRAND new and NEARLY new bigger than they have ever been.

There’s a good article here that explains how to get the best deal if you’re going down the brand new car route (

But the smart money is on nearly new.

You still get that new car smell, without the new car price tag.

At Thame Cars we specialise in supplying the smart car buyer with perfect nearly new cars that can save you upto 50% against the equivelent new car.

Good luck in your search for the car that suits you best.

Happy driving

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