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Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:04:37 PM


My Christmas shopping usually consists of an evening with an iPad, a broadband connection, and a list of the exact things my family and friends want.



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But every now and then it’s necessary to brave the real world and do things the old fashioned way.

But where is best?

I could battle my way around Bicester Village, Park & Ride my way into Oxford or jump on a train to London…

Or I could toddle off to the surprisingly abundant gold mine of potential Christmas presents that is Thame High Street.

From the Aladdin’s cave of independent gift shops such as FROM and All Wrapped Up, to the shop that seems to sell everything, Robert Dyas, Thame has a lot to offer.

But at this time of year parking in the town centre can be a nightmare, so here’s our breakdown of the best places to park:

1) Town Centre

Let’s face it, you may as well give it a try. With a 1 hour maximum stay and some very attendant attendants, you can guarantee that people will be coming and going all day long.

Think lucky thoughts and you never know, though Tuesdays are tougher when the market is on.

2) The Cattle Market

Free for an hour, the 80p for the next hour. Slightly further out perhaps but still a good bet if you want to guarantee getting a spot (except on a Friday when the market is in full swing).

3) Sainsbury’s

You get 2 hours in the Sainsbury’s car park and they use number plate recognition to check your entry and exit time. Expect a letter through the post a few days later if you overstay your welcome!

4) Waitrose

2 hours for Waitrose customers can be handy, though it’s usually quite a slow trawl around whilst you look for a spot. Once you’re parked you have a strict 2 hours!

5) Southern Road

A bit further away from the action, but a pretty safe bet and you’ll have 2 solid hours to do what you need to do.

6) Co-op

There’s also a pay and display car park at the back of Co-op

Thame is a great place to do some (or even all) of your Christmas shopping, and with plenty of places to leave your car you’re saved from the trauma of outlet villages.

Have a stress-free run up to Christmas!


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