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    Benson not Bledlow : Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Tip

    Posted by Thame Cars on Jul 5, 2017 4:12:23 PM


    We recently had some work done on the house and although I’m pleased to say that we’re finished, there is one thing that I’m strangely missing.

    You see, one of the advantages of having builders ripping things out is that they tend to have a skip.

    And when you have your own private skip, you have a very simple method for getting rid of stuff you don’t want.

    Now it’s all over though and the skip has gone, I can already see Mrs. Allen getting twitchy about the pieces of decrepit equipment and garden waste that I keep promising to take to the tip.

    I know I can keep putting it off for so long, but eventually I’ll crumble.

    No man can live with that kind of pressure.

    So I’ll soon be making a visit to our Hire centre on Wenman Road to pick up a van, loading it up with junk and then driving it over to Benson.

    Not The Bledlow Ridge tip, I hasten to add.

    Even though that’s a lot closer, more convenient and - in my opinion - a much nicer tip, whilst I have an OX postcode I doubt very much that I will ever return.

    You see, last year I took a wagon load of waste to Bledlow, only to be told by the yellow-jacketed chap on the gate that I wasn’t allowed to dump Oxfordshire waste in a Buckinghamshire tip.

    I’m sure he was just having a bad day so I’m almost over it.

    But it meant that I had to drive all the way back over to Benson and by the time I got home my dinner was cold.

    Not a risk I’m prepared to take again, especially as it was Newitt’s Pie Night.

    If you’re looking at doing a tip run over the next Bank Holiday weekend, we’re offering keen DIYers and spring cleaners a whopping 50% discount on van hire on the 26th and 27th May.

    50% discount on van hire

    Just make sure you take it to Benson, and not Bledlow!

    Happy driving,

    P.S. Worth pointing out that if you visit a Bucks tip in your private car you won’t get asked where you’ve come from.

    It’s only because you have to show your rental agreement when you roll up to a tip in a commercial vehicle that you’re at the mercy of the yellow jackets!

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