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As the end of the summer holidays draws nearer, parents rejoice at the impending return of the school routine, while the kids pray for the holidays to last just a bit longer! It can be a challenge getting children back into their normal routine for the school run, but luckily there are lots of things parents can do to prepare them for their return to school. Let's have a look at some useful tips such as adjusting sleep patterns and getting in the right school supplies, so your children are ready for their return to school this Autumn. 

Sleep Patterns 

As you get closer to school time, it's time to dial down the late night movies and start getting back into a healthy bedtime routine to get them accustomed to the earlier nights. It can be difficult to persuade the kids to go to bed earlier while it's still light outside, so do this gradually by bringing bedtime forward by 15 minutes or half an hour each night over the course of a few days. As they get used to going to bed earlier, they will wake up earlier and hopefully they will be less tired when it comes to the start of the school routine. Consider doing this yourself as well, because your sleep routine might have moved to later nights and later mornings if you've been off with the kids. 


There are lots of benefits to reading with your children each day. It will become part of the family routine at bedtime and become an incentive for them to get ready for bed. It will assist with their reading, language and listening skills, as well as training them to concentrate on one task. It will develop their imagination and open up a healthy dialogue, encouraging them to ask questions and have discussions about the topic in the book. It will also prevent unwanted distractions such as TVs, tablets and mobile phones, and give you all some quality time together.  

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School supplies 

Don't forget about shopping for new school uniform and shoes. It seems that kids grow by the minute, so uniform and shoes that fitted them before the summer might be far too small by the start of term! Plan early by getting them to try their uniform on to see what fits and what doesn't. This will help you beat the queues when heading to the shops to buy new clothing. School uniform shopping during the summer holidays might seem like a bit of a drudge for the kids, so make it as fun as possible by setting them a challenge or letting them pick their own shoes. Find a shop with a shoe measuring machine, because a lot of children will find this fun and be engaged in finding their perfect new shoes. If they find the clothing shopping too dull, follow this up with a trip to the stationery store for a new pencil case, pens and pencils, or maybe even a jazzy new backpack. They've got to look the part at school, after all!  

Limit screen time 

It's quite likely that summer holiday boredom has been held off by a lot of time watching the TV and playing on tablets and games consoles. As you approach the start of term, begin to cut down their screen time by giving them other tasks to do, whether practical tasks like baking or drawing, or something a little more academic like puzzles or word searches to start getting them in the spirit for learning. This will prepare them for the prospect of homework once the school term starts and prevent them gravitating towards the TV screen as their first compulsion. 

Get the car ready 

If you've not used the car much over the school holidays, don't forget to give it a clean and a check over to get it ready for its school run duties. Clear out all the sweetie wrappers and sports gear from the summer, which will make room for school bags and lunch boxes. Make sure the car is in good mechanical condition and is fuelled up ready to go on the first day of term.  
These are just a few snippets on how to prepare the kids for the end of the summer holidays. If you'd like to know more, there is a really useful guide on preparing your children for school here at TeachHub. If you find that you need a newer, larger or more reliable car to get the kids and all their accessories to school in time, feel free to pop in to see us at Thame Cars, where we have a selection of perfect school run cars, fully prepared and ready to go. 

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