3 children and a dog, introducing the Volvo XC60

Posted by Thame Cars on Nov 11, 2017 9:35:00 AM

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People often ask us why we stock so many Fords and Vauxhalls at Thame Cars.

With so many other brands to choose from, what makes these guys so special?

The answer is a surprisingly simple one: we know that lots of our customers love them!

Because of this, over the years we’ve grown to specialise in all things Ford & Vauxhall.

However, at the heart of our business is innovation and agility.

Big enough to create an amazing customer experience yet small and adaptable enough to experiment and evolve.

There aren’t many non-dealerships who know more about our Ford and Vauxhall than us, but we’re constantly keeping an eye on trends and listening carefully to our customers.

One such trend is the growing popularity of the Volvo XC60; a particularly well refined and robust SUV that’s had our attention piqued for some time now.

We’ve recently had a small number in the showroom, and last week we invited local fitness expert George Anderson to test drive it for a few days.

George has been a Thame Cars customer for almost a decade, and has previously helped us put together articles on subjects such as posture and seat position, and maintaining energy levels on long drives.

He also has 3 children and a dog, so we were keen to see how the car performed in a real life situation.


George Anderson's verdict on the Volco XC60

We asked him for his initial thoughts, though the fact that we had to wrestle the keys back off him perhaps told us everything we needed to know!

“We’re currently driving a Ford S-Max which initially helped us solve the ‘3 car seats across the back’ problem we were having after our youngest was born.

But thanks to booster seats we don’t need quite the same back seat acreage and we’re looking to make a change.

I’d probably not have considered a Volvo purely because I’d never driven one, but now I’ve had the XC60 experience, I don’t think it’ll be a difficult decision to make!

It’s amazing how many of them I’ve seen around now on the roads now my brain is tuned into them, and every other owner I’ve spoken to says they love them.”

We asked George what it was like to drive, and how it compared with his S-Max.

“I drove an automatic, same as my current car, but it felt like a whole different experience. Leon described it as ‘refined’ when I was picking it up and I couldn’t agree more. A really smooth ride, great view of the road, solid build and that lovely ‘thunk’ sound you get when you close a quality door.

The only thing I was disappointed with was that I put about twice as much diesel in it as I needed, totally misjudging how economical it was going to be!”

No, you can’t siphon the extra back out again! ;)

We know that George likes his gadgets so we asked him about the ‘toys’ inside.

“My neighbours must have thought I was a bit strange sitting in the car outside the house not going anywhere for so long!

I think I must have played with every setting and feature. I particularly liked the incredibly adjustable seat, and the fact that I could lock in my favourite position and press a button to instantly return to it if somebody else had also been driving it.

Although there was a lot of controls, everything seemed very intuitive even for a non-Volvo driver like me”

Finally we asked about the practical stuff like space for all the other members of the family.

“The kids loved it and although there’s slightly less space across the back than the S-Max there was still more than enough. The boot is plenty big enough for dogs, luggage & shopping, though possibly not all at the same time!”

We have no plans on abandoning our beloved Fords and Vauxhalls, but can’t ignore the popularity of the XC60.

We believe that one of the most attractive features is it’s high ‘residual value’.

Which means that although brand new models will drop a good chunk of value in the first year (which is why we only sell nearly new!), they hang onto a higher-than-average percentage of this over their lifetime.

All of this makes owning a year old XC60 surprisingly more affordable than many people imagine.

If you’d like to come in and see what all the fuss is about, email me back and I’ll arrange a test drive with one of our team.


Happy driving,

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